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Add Game

There are two ways to add a game. The first allows you to add a game between any two teams in the league, (e.g. for a practice game between two teams from different divisions). Click on Add Game from your User Home page. Enter the game information and click on or .

The second way to add a game is from the division schedule page for games between teams in the same division. Next to each date is an Add a Game link (if there are no games scheduled yet, the link is under Match Secretary Functions). Click on the one next to the date you wish the game to be played on. If the desired date is not a regularly scheduled date, click on any Add a Game link and change the date. Enter the information and click on or .

1. If you are a traveling league where the home team's league or club is responsible for scheduling the time and field, leave the time blank and the field TBD.

2. If you only "Save Game" You can always publish the game later by clicking on next to the listed game and selecting "Published" for Status.

3. If you want to add a practice game, just select "Practice" for Type of Game. Practice games will not be displayed on the division schedule, but will be listed on the team schedule and in the Practice & Traveling Games division.

4. If you are a team official and want to schedule a practice game, click on Practice Games from your User Home page.

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