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Swap Games

A common editing procedure is to swap the game slots between two games on the same date within the same division. This can be done quickly using the Swap Games feature. It is about 4 times faster than editing two individual game edits and less prone to error.

Go to the division schedule page (or the Traveling Games division page). Select Swap Games link Next to the desired date. Choose the two games you want to swap. Note that both the time and field will be swapped.


Before Swap:
Game 1:    Trees vs. Sharks   9:00 AM    Beasley East
Game 2:    Dogs vs. Racoons   10:30 AM   Pele North

After Swap:
Game 1:    Dogs vs. Racoons   9:00 AM    Beasley East
Game 2:    Trees vs. Sharks   10:30 AM    Pele North

This feature is particularly useful for accommodating requests from coaches who coach more than one team and need to shift some games to avoid game conflicts.

NOTE: If any referees have requested an assignment to, or been assigned to, any games you swap, a pop up window will ask you if you wish to keep or drop the referees.

  Select a Game from each column to swap slots (field and times will be swapped)  
1 2 Game ID Saturday June 21, 2008
    144592 Trees vs. Sharks   9:00 AM   Beasley East  
    144593 RoughRiders vs. Cats   9:00 AM   Beasley West  
    144594 Dogs vs. Racoons   10:30 AM   Pele North  
    144595 Squirrels vs. Skunks   10:30 AM   Beasley West  
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