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Email/Texting Facilities

The email and texting facilities of are available to league officials. Notifications are therefore convenient, and can be sent to appropriate users in the league database, such as league officers, affiliate reps, referees, teams within a division, and team contacts. Different league officer roles may have direct email access to different sets of league users.

To send email or text, simply click on Send Email/Text from your User Home page. If you want to keep a copy of messages sent, make sure you are also a recipient on the Send To list.

To send a text message, Enter a the message in the Text Body field. To send email, enter a subject in the Email Subject field and a message in the Email Body field. Emails, but not text messages, can have up to three attachments included. Text messages will be sent to all recipients that have a text phone, email messages to all recipients that have an email address.

Helpful Hint: if you are composing a long email, it is recommended that you use a word processor or text editor since you cannot save a partially composed email. After you have composed and edited it, copy and paste it into the "Body of Message" form on the Send Email/Text page.

PRIVACY ISSUE: It is the policy of to not share the league's email or text phone lists with anyone else and to not allow access to a league's email list through the use of the email/texting function. However, It is recommended that your league adopt its own policy regarding what kind of notifications are permissible. For example, are announcements about local soccer events permitted, what about lost and found messages, etc.

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