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Getting Your User Info

When a user is entered into the database, assigns a user name and password. If the user's email address or text phone number were entered, the login name and password are automatically sent to the user. Typically the login name is the first initial of the first name and the last name, e.g., bsmith. If that name is already taken, then the login name of bsmith2 is assigned, etc.

If you have not received your user info by email or text message, please contact your League Administrator. The League Administrator needs to check that your email address or text number (including the carrier) have been entered correctly. He or she can then have your user info sent to you again.

See Adding Users for more information on this topic.

FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? - Go to the Log in page, and click on Forgot Your Password? Enter your email address or text phone number and your password will be sent to you.

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