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Standings provides a robust system for maintaining Standings. Standings are displayed on the division schedule page. The league needs to decide for a particular competition:

1. Whether to have Standings
2. If you have standings, whether to display the standings to the general public (this is decided on a division by division basis)
3. What Standings Scheme to use for the competition.
4. If the standings should be calculated on a date range other than from the competition's start to end date.

When you create a competition, one of your options is to select the standings scheme or No Standings. If you select a specific scheme, then for each division you can choose whether to have Public Standings (Divisions > Edit Division). If you choose not to have Public Standings, then standings are only visible to league officials. provides some default schemes (Standard Soccer and Standard Soccer Youth Tournament) for leagues. However, a league can create its own standings schemes and its own standings rules (on which the schemes are based). See Modify/Add Standings Schemes and Standings Schemes for more details on this topic.

The league administrator can view and print the standings for the whole league in a single document. Go to Competitions and go to Standings next to the competition of interest. The standings for all competitions will be displayed in a list. You have the option of exporting to a tab delimited file that can then be opened with Excel.

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