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Exporting Data allows for exporting much of the data in the system. The following is a list of the different types of data that can be exported and how to do it. When the data has been exported, it is displayed in a browser window. It can be Saved As from your browser, then opened in excel or other program that can view tab-delimited text files.

1. League's User List  -  This is a list of all users who have ever been associated with the league.

Who:  Any User that can Edit Users.
How:  Go go Edit Users > Show User List > Export User List.

2. Schedules  - Schedules can be exported through the Referee Assignments page. It does not matter if you use Referee Assignments or not.

Who:  Any User
How:  Go to All Referee Assignments from your Home page, or, if your role does not display that link, go to Referee Assignments from the View League page. Select the desired date range, then select either a single date or All Dates below. WARNING: If you have a large league, it might take awhile to generate the full schedule. Once the schedule is generated, click on Export Assignments Table as a tab-delimited file.

3. Referee Assignments  - SAME AS SCHEDULES.

4. Teams

Who:  Match Secretary, Club Rep
How:  Go to Teams and set the filters. There are 2 export mechanisms: A. Export Teams Table, and B. Teams List with Links, which generates a self-contained page that can be saved and used on your league's website to allow teams to link directly to the Team page on

5. Fields

Who:  Field Coordinator, Match Secretary
How:  Go to Fields > Export Fields

6. Field Usage (by competition)

Who:  Anyone
How:  Go to View Field Usage, from your Home page or, if your role does not display that link, go to Field Usage from the View League page. From there click on Export Field Usage.

7. Referee Reports

Who:  Referee Coordinator
How:  Go to Game Reports, set the parameters for date range, teams, and report type. Then go to View Reports > Export Reports.

8. Referee Payment Data

Who:  Referee Coordinator
How:  Go to Games Refereed > Export Referee Payment Data. See Paying Referee Payments for more information.

9. Export Referee Affiliations
Who:  Referee Coordinator
How:  Go to Affiliated Referee Report > Export Affiliations.

10. Export Referee Information
Who:  Referee Coordinator
How:  Go to Referees > Export Referee Information.

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