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Send Referee Assignment Email To

Who: League Administrator
Navigation: From User Home Page go to Manage League then Modify League Settings.

Send Referee Assignment Email to:

Select the league officer(s) who will receive automatic notifications by email when referee assignment actions occur. Such actions include, for instance, when a referee accepts or cancels an assignment, or when either the time or venue of a game with assignments are changed. You can also set this to "nobody", whereby no auto-email will be sent to any Referee Coordinators after these actions.

If there are any Field Referee Coordinators in your league, they will also appear on the list and can be selected. If one is selected, then all referee assignment email concerning games on their field will ONLY be sent to them.

There is also a check box to notify coordinators about referee assignment requests. This only has an impact if you are using the Request/Confirm method of assignment - if checked, messages will be sent when an assignment is requested, otherwise they will not be sent. For leagues using Request/Confirm, unchecking this box can greatly reduce email traffic for your Referee Coordinators.

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