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Who: Match Secretary
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The Match Secretary can set one of three Team Type options for a team:
1. House (Recreational)
2. Visiting
3. Traveling

A House team can only be viewed by your league. A Traveling team can be seen by an affiliated or parent league for the purposes of scheduling. A Visiting team is a team from another league that does not play regularly on your schedule, but needs to be entered for a practice game, tournament, or other special situation.

Helpful Hint: If there is an affiliated league that you enter teams for, you must enter them as Traveling teams or you will not be able to view them and place them into divisions for scheduling. If you are an affiliate of a traveling league entering traveling teams, the teams must be assigned to the parent's league's season by clicking on Assign Teams to a Parent League's Season (See also Add Teams to a Traveling League).

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