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You can place teams within a division into flights. This is most useful for tournaments. However, it can also be useful for league play if you want to segregate teams by relative strength within an age group or when the Match Secretary wants to evaluate team strength at some point (typically mid-season) during the season, and then place teams into flights based on strength or re-flight two existing flights.

Also, our scheduler supports scheduling of from two to sixteen teams. If you have a division with more than sixteen teams, you have to assign them to flights of 16 teams or less in order to scheduler the division.

To flight teams go to the division schedule page. Click on Teams if the teams are not displayed. There is a column on the team table called "Flight". Select a flight for each team. Then click on beneath the table. When you make the schedule, teams will be scheduled to play only teams within their flight.

NOTE 1: If you re-flight in midseason, the standings by default will still be based on all games played. However, you can set the date range for standings to be kept by editing the division. So you can "throw out" the part of the season before re-flighting. If Standings are public, all games score are still displayed.

NOTE 2: There is a default order in which flights are listed in the standings. The order of listing can be set by your league by the League Administrator going to Manage League > Modify League Settings.

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