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Referee Team Affiliation

Many Leagues require that each participating team provide a certain number of qualified referees.  You can now affiliate referees with teams and keep track of how many games each affiliated referee has officiated

The League Administrator and Referee Coordinators can set the maximum number of affiliated Referees per team. Go to Manage League > Modify League Referee Settings. Referee Coordinators can access this feature through League Referee Settings.

If the league uses play level characteristics (see Play Characteristics) and selects the specific play levels it uses, these league officers can specify different maximum number of referee affiliations based on a team's play level. If the league does not use play levels, or has not specified the levels it uses, then you can only specify a single maximum number for all teams.

Each Referee can only be affiliated with a single team.  The people that can affiliate a referee with a Team are the League Admin, the Referee Coordinator, the Affiliated League Representative, and the Referee. To affiliate a referee to a team go to Referees and then choose a referee and click next to their name. Click on Edit Team Affiliation at the bottom of the form (if no team is listed there, then the referee is unaffiliated).

Set the Team Filter to select the teams you wish to view. Now click next to the team you wish this referee to be affiliated with. The team will now be displayed on the Edit Referee form. Your choice for that referee will now get a green highlight if you click on Edit Team Affiliation again, where you can change Team Affiliation or unaffiliate the referee.

Affiliated Referee Report

League Admins, Club Reps, Ref Coordinators, and League Presidents can run a report broken down by club showing, for each team, how many games each affiliated referee has officiated at any point in the season.  This will give the clubs a tool to help manage their affiliated referee program.  They can see how each team is doing, and make appropriate encouragements to get those referees out there.  It also becomes the official record for the league at the end of season. Note that referee assignments that have been flagged as No Shows do not count in this report.

To get to this report go to Affiliated Referee Report.

Please note that if you import teams from past seasons, any referee affiliations are also imported.

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