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Assigning Referees

Go to All Referee Assignments from your User Home Page. Click on a date to view a list all games on that date sorted by field. Assignments that have been already made will displayed, as well as assignments that need to be confirmed, and requests that have been made for assignment (assuming your league is using Request/Confirm mode - See Referee Request/Confirm & Self-Assignment). Click on the game number of the game for which you wish to make assignments to edit the game. On the "Edit Game" page, select a referee from the drop down list. You can also select asst. ref. 1s and asst. ref. 2s. If you have already confirmed the assignment with the referee, check the box "Mark as confirmed." Click on .

You can also make assignments directly from the All Referee Assignments page, avoiding the need to edit games individually. If you choose, you can , in which case a drop down list will appear in every un-assigned slot. If your league is using Request/Confirm, there will be options to or . You can make selections for different positions in different games, and save them all at once by clicking on

If your league uses the "Request/Confirm" method of assigning, the "Show Full Lists" drop down lists highlight referees that have requested an assignment. Also for each assignment with requests, there will be an option in the drop down list to delete all the current requests.

If an assignment has been made, but not confirmed, then - buttons will appear below the name in the game list. These buttons will also appear for the referee when they view assignments. Either the referee coordinator or the referee can confirm or decline the assignment.

You can add comments to be added to a specific assignment email. This is particularly useful when declining a request. Auto-emails are sent to referee requesters that are not selected in addition to referees who are assigned.

Email Notifications are also sent to the proper party whenever assignments are changed, requested, or confirmed. For a confirmed assignment by the referee coordinator, the email version of the message to the referee looks like:

You have been confirmed as referee for a game, Saturday February 18, 2006, 10:15:00 AM at Donovan East. The game is between Gauchos and Hurricanes.

For an unconfirmed assignment by the referee coordinator, the message looks like:

You have been assigned as referee for a game, Saturday February 18, 2006, 11:30:00 AM at Donovan East. The game is between Gauchos and Hurricanes. Please go to and confirm or decline this assignment.

Referees are automatically notified when a game is postponed or cancelled, or when an assignment is changed. In addition, referees are optionally reminded of their assignments, by email, a certain number of days in advance of the assignment. The number of days, the "Referee Reminder Window", defaults to three, but can be set on the League Referee Settings page. Setting the window to zero disables automatic reminders.

If you assign the same referee to a second game in the same time slot, a warning message will be displayed above the Referee Assignments list.

Referee Assignments can also be exported - see Exporting Schedules/Referee Assignments.

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