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Cleaning Up the Referee List

From the page where you are viewing your list of referees, click on Clean Up Referee List. The Clean Up Referee List page is where you can easily manage who appears on your league's list of referees. You may choose to view two different types of referees - those who have never had an assignment and those who have not had an assignment for a specific period of time

When you first come to the page, by default, you will be viewing Referee in the latter category. Initially you will see only those Referee that have had no assignment in the last 24 months. At the top of the list, however, you can choose the "cut off" months - initially 24. The date of the last assignment will be displayed for each referee.

In addition, you can switch to viewing the other type of referees. When you are viewing referees that have never had any assignment, the cut off date instead applies to when the referee was first entered into the system. NOTE: this feature was added as of 8/21/2014. The "first entered" dates for referees already in our system was arbitrarily set to that date. Therefore the actual "first entered" date will only be accurate for referees entered after that date.

On this page you have two options for each referee. You can choose to either mark each referee as unavailable or to delete the referee entirely.

Marking a referee as unavailable means they will no longer show in referee selection lists. This action can be reversed at a later time, if the referee later becomes available again. Deleting a referee removes them completely, however. To use them again as a referee requires that they be added to the list again as a new referee.

Either of these choices can be done to the entire list, by clicking on the appropriate button at the top of the column. Doing so just marks the referees for action - to actually implement the change, you must click on "Save Changes". This means, of course, that you can still change the choice for referees individually prior to saving changes. You can also reverse your bulk action by clicking on the "Reset" button at the top of the appropriate column. Doing so restores the choices to their values prior to the bulk action.

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