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Referee Payment Adjustments

You can also enter adjustments to referee payments, either for particular games or unattached to a game. These adjustments will be added to (or subtracted from, if negative) the total owed to the referee, and the payment of these adjustments will be recorded, just as payments for assignments are recorded. Each adjustment has an effective date and also optional comments attached to it, that are visible to the appropriate league officers when viewing the adjustment.

To make a payment adjustment for a particular game, edit the game. Then click on the button. This brings you to a Referee Pay Adjustment page that displays any existing referee pay adjustments entered for that game (that can be edited) and also has a form to enter a new adjustment.

You can make pay adjustments that are unattached to a particular game from the list of your referees. Again, click on the button that appears next to the name of the appropriate referee, which will bring you to the same Referee Pay Adjustment page as above, but showing all adjustments for that referee, and it allows you to edit existing adjustments or enter new ones.

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