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Game/Lineup Cards

The referee can print out a game/lineup card by going to My Current Assignments and clicking on the CARD link for a game. If a team has entered their roster, the card's lineups will be automatically populated. Use the browser print function to print.
Note: generally the card is formatted to fit on a single page. If that is not the case, you may be able to use print options such as fitting to the width of the page to make it conform. Consult your browser Help system for more detailed information. supports two different styles of Game Cards. Our default card is a generic card, showing the lineups for the two teams, with, name, jersey number, date of birth and registration number for each player, if the information has been entered. It also has places for comments, to record the scores, and for signatures of the referees and team coaches.

We also support cards designed by the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO). AYSO uses three different cards - a Team Lineup card, a Referee Report card and a Referee Report Details card. If your league chooses to use AYSO-style cards, clicking on the CARD link takes you to a page where you select the type card you want. On that page you can still choose the YSL default card, if desired.
Note: The AYSO-style Lineup card prints out 4-up on a legal-sized sheet of paper, and only lists one team's players.

Selection of the type of Game Card your league uses can be made by either a League Administrator or a Referee Coordinator on the "League Referee Settings" page.

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