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Edit Team Information

Any team official can edit information about the team, including the name and the gender, age, and play class information. Click on the “Edit Team” link from the User Home Page. If the team name is changed, the match secretary, as well as the team officials in the division who have email, will be notified of the change.

To add or edit team officials, click on Team Officials in the links bar. when adding a team official, if no team title is entered, the default name is used (Coach or Other). Only one team official can be assigned as main team contact, which means this person is listed in the team list on the division schedule page. Any official can be set to receive team email. See Adding Users for more information on adding and editing users.

If your league allows it, you can also enter and edit Team Blackout Periods. These are days and/or times that your team is unable to play and, if supported by your league, they will be honored when games are scheduled. To work on Team Blackouts, click on the "Team Blackouts" link at the top of the Edit Team page. Note: if you are not playing in a league that allows team blackouts, this link will not appear. For more information on Team Blackouts, visit the Team Blackouts Help page.

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