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Report Game Results

Who can report results:
1. Team officials for games involving the team.
2. The Results Secretary for games within divisions that the secretary is assigned to.
3. The Match Secretary and the League Administrator for any game in the league.
4. Referees if the league has specified that they can make game reports. This is done on the league's "Modify League Referee Settings" page.

Reporting game results is important for some divisions, not important at all for others. Please check with league officials about the policy with regard to the division your team plays in.

As a team official click on View Team from the User Home Page. The team schedule will now be displayed, with a Make Report link next to each game for which a game report is due.

Click on Make Report and enter the number of goals scored for each team. If the game was forfeited, click on Loses by Forfeit next to the team that forfeited. Click on Save Scores.

Results and Standings may only be visible to league officers for some divisions. Often recreational leagues choose not to display the results and standings.

NOTE: If only one team reports results, an asterisk appears next to the reported score on the division schedule page and the team schedule page. If different scores are reported by the team contacts, then no score is displayed, only the word "played". However, team officials will receive an email with the reported scores. If you can determine the correct score, then the team official with the incorrect score can edit the score. If you are unable to resolve the issue with the other team contact, please contact the Match Secretary for your league.

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