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Viewing Information

There are three links from your User Home Page for viewing your league:

1. View Your League - displays links to all division schedules for your league. This page also displays a list of league officers and affiliate contacts.

2. View Division - displays full division schedule, teams list with team contact info, results and standings for those divisions where they are kept, and instructions to teams.

3. View Team - displays a list of team officials, your team's schedule and results (if kept), and the team's practice schedule. If field directions are in the database, then directions to fields your team plays on will be displayed beneath the schedule. This page can be printed using your browser's print function.

NOTE: Anyone can view schedules on To view a schedule, go to, click on the "View Your League Schedule" link, select the league you wish to view and click on GO. The View League page will be displayed. Click on the division you wish to view. To see your team schedule click on the team link in the team list.

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