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Embedding Interactive Maps into Directions

Google Maps can be embedded into field directions. Here is how:

1. Go to
2. Enter an address or intersection into the search form.
3. When you are satisfied with the map location and zoom level, click on Share then the "Embed Map" tab
4. Copy the html code from the address box.
5. Login to the YSL site and go to fields. Go to the Edit form for the field.
6. Paste the copied html into the Directions area of the form.
7. Edit the iframe tag so that the width = 540 and the height = 400, and surround the code with <center> and </center> tags.

The maps will appear as part of field directions from either the division schedule page when you click on a venue or on the team page. The pop up window for directions is now scaled to accommodate these maps.

Try out the interactive map below. You can zoom in and out and move around within the map by clicking and dragging.

View Larger Map

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