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Go to Edit Users from your User Home Page. There are three methods from which to choose to find a user: name, login name, or email address. Click on the radio button for the method you prefer and enter the information. You may be presented with one or more possible users to choose from. Select the correct user and edit as desired.

You can also get to the Edit User page directly by clicking on the user's name in a list. Examples: the Teams List on the Division Schedule page, the Referees List page, the Add Team Officials page, and the League Officers list on the View League page.

If you wish to edit your personal information, go to Edit Personal Info from your User Home Page. You can change any of your personal information, including your password.

If you have multiple accounts, with some roles attached to one account and other roles to another account (e.g., team contact for one account and referee for another account), you have the option to merge all of your accounts into one. This is recommended for your own sanity but not required. To merge two user accounts: go to Edit Personal Info from your User Home page. In the "Merge with Account" form enter the login name and password of the account you want to merge into the current logged in account.

The first line displays the last time you logged into either account. The Roles are displayed for each account. In the Data Fields check the info from each account you want to retain. Then go to Merge Accounts. The next time you log in to the account with the Login Name, you will see all your roles. Your password will be the password for the login name you kept. The other account is no longer active.

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