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Manage Users

Go to Manage Users from your User Home Page. This takes you to a page with a list of users associated with your organization (league, club, etc.). For each user, it shows information like name, address, etc.

It also shows what role(s) they have with your organization. Some roles may be inactive, for example, a coach for a team that is not playing in the current season. Some users may no longer have any role with your organization, but did so in the past at some point - they will be shown with a "Ghost" role, which allows them to still apprear as an option for the user when you add new roles.

For each user on this list, you have some options:
  1. Edit User
  2. Edit Roles (available if the user has any non-"Ghost" role with your organization)
  3. Delete User (available if the user has no League Administrator roles)

Edit User takes you the the the page to edit user settings (see next Help page).

Edit Roles takes you to a page that lists the user's roles and allows you to select one or more for removal.

Delete User, if confirmed, removes all user roles the user has with your organization, including any "Ghost" role. If the user has no roles with other organizations, the entire user account at YSL will be removed.

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