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Coach Conflicts

The scheduling software will automatically detect and report coach conflicts in situations where coaches have multiple teams. A conflict is deemed to exist if there is any overlap between two games coached by the same coach on the same field. For two games coached by the same coach on different fields, a conflict is deemed to exist if there is not an certain amount of time between games. The amount of time required is called the "Coach Conflict Gap" – it defaults to 60 minutes, but can be changed for the league by the League Admin by going to Manage League > Modify League Settings from the home page.

When viewing a list of games, coach conflicts are reported in the comments area of a game, with the term COACH CONFLICT. Clicking on it will bring up a window displaying information about the offending game. If the conflicted games actually overlap, the window is titled "Definite Coach Conflict", if not and the conflict is a result of the gap, the window will be title "Potential Coach Conflict".

If the conflict is being viewed by a league administrator or match secretary, conflicts for a particular coach or competition can be hidden by clicking on the appropriate button in this window. Doing so will hide the COACH CONFLICT comment when viewing lists of games. These hidden conflicts can be revealed again by the league administrator or match secretary by following the Manage Coach Conflicts link on their home page.

Coach conflicts, with the details, are also visible at the bottom of the Edit Game page for any game that has a conflict. To ignore an individual coach conflict, check the "Ignore Conflict" box for that conflict when editing a game and then save it. You can always re-edit the game and uncheck it later if you want the message to re-appear. Coach conflict details will always appear on the edit game page, even if the conflict is being hidden at the coach or competition level, or ignored at the individual conflict level, but only ignored conflicts can be re-instated from that page.

Coach Conflict messages will appear on the Division Schedule page, the Team page, and the View Field Usage page. On the team page, if the conflict is with the coach of the opposing team, then the message OPPOSING COACH CONFLICT will appear.

Coach conflicts can be resolved manually by moving one of the offending games. Use the edit functions provided (Edit Game, Swap Games, or Move Games). Coach conflict messages will be deleted automatically when the conflict has been resolved.

A listed game can display multiple coach conflict messages. Only one window detailing the conflict can be opened at a time.

It is also important that the coaches be assigned to the teams before scheduling, since the software will not run a check for conflicts just by adding a coach to a team.

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