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Hide Visiting Teams

Who: League Admin
From User Home Page go to Manage League then Modify League Settings.

By default this option is turned OFF. Turning this ON (checking the option) means that visiting teams will no longer appear on your Teams Page by default. Instead there will be a button on the page to allow you to show them. If you are showing them, there will be a button to hide them.

Note that visiting teams are created in various ways. One way is when you are on the Teams Page on the Add Team form, there is an option to make the team a visiting team. Also, if you edit a team, you can make it a visiting team. Another way is if you use Add Game to enter a game and specify a new team, that team is automatically created as a visiting team.

Visiting teams added when Add Game is used to create a new team are not automatically added to the division the game is in. Therefore, they do not appear on the division's team list, nor do they appear in any standings that are calculated for the division.

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