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Importing Data supports importing certain data from tab-delimited text files. In order to successfully import data into our system, it must conform to our specifications. A complete descriptions of the import data specifications is available as a PDF file by clicking here. Before you attempt to import data into our system you should download and familiarize yourself with this document!

From a League Admin's home page, the import data feature can be accessed at Import Data. On that page, the user specifies the season and competition the data is for. A Match Secretary can import a schedule directly for a particular division by clicking on the Import Schedule link at the top of the “Work On” page for that division.

There are a number of things that can be imported. For most of them, you can specify a string of characters as an ID. If it does not match an existing ID (see the specifications for details) our system will store that ID so that we can match that item in future imports. Items that can be imported include:

  1. League Users and Officers  -  This includes “generic$rdquo; users and officers in the following roles:
    • League President
    • League Treasurer
    • Field Coordinator
    • Referee Coordinator
    • Other Officer

    Besides the name of an imported user, the import can contain information such as addresses, phones, and email addresses.

  2. Divisions  -  These will be attached to the Competition selected on the Import Data page. In addition to a name, the import can specify the play characteristics of the division

  3. Teams  -  These will be attached to the Season selected on the Import Data page. In addition to a name and the team's play characteristics, the import can specify the team type (recreational, etc.), the team colors, the team's parent organization (affiliated club or league) and a division.

  4. Schedules  -  This includes both games and byes, specifying division, home team, date and time of the event and, for games, away team, duration and the field.

  5. Coaches and Players for Teams  -  These can be either existing users or fully specified new users. Imported coaches can include a title, such as “Head Coach” or “Team Manager”. Imported players can be given positions, e.g., “Pitcher” or “Goalie”.

  6. Referees  -  Again, these can be either existing users or fully specified new users. In addition to the normal user data we support importing payment IDs and user names to support an external referee payment system.

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