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Field Referee Coordinator & Assistant Referee Coordinator

One way to delegate referee assignment responsibilities with a large league is to use Field Referee Coordinators, who can be assigned to specific fields to manage assignments. The field referee coordinator can only make assignments for fields assigned to them. The field referee coordinator cannot edit pay rates for referees.

Your League Administrator can add Field Referee Coordinators to the league (See Add League Officers). To assign a field to a Field Referee Coordinator, go to Fields and edit the field to assign field referee coordinators (NOTE: currently only the league admin, match secretary, or field coordinator can perform this task. You can either have one of them do these assignments or ask your league admin to add you as a Field Coordinator so you can do them).

Having an assistant or two is a good idea if you have a large league. Ask your league administrator to add new assistants into the database with Referee Coordinator powers, and a title like "Asst. Ref. 1 Coordinator". See Add League Officers for information on how the league administrator does this.

Then you can divide up the work -- such as having two people do the assigning, or have one person do the assigning and the other person handle other tasks. However you choose to do it, there is no risk that two referees will be assigned to the same game using

Since only one referee coordinator can be the email contact, we encourage leagues with multiple referee coordinators to use an email address that forwards to all of the coordinators.

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