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Add League Officers

Who: League Administrator

Each league officer has a role with specific powers in See Roles for a description of each role.

To add a League Officer:
1. Go to Manage League > Add or Delete Officers from the User Home Page.
2. Select the Position (or Role) from the drop down box.
3. Enter a League Title if you want a title other than the role name.
4. Enter the person's name.
5. Click on .

See Adding Users for procedures and rules for adding and editing users.

There is no limit on the number of people that can share a role. For example, if you have two Match Secretaries, one for scheduling Boys and the other for Girls, then add both people with the role of Match Secretary and with descriptive titles such as Boys Match Secretary and Girls Match Secretary.

You can also add Division Match Secretaries and Results Secretaries to allow access for these roles to specific divisions. Please note that after adding someone to this role you must then assign the person to a specifc division. To do that, click on Divisions from your User Home page, edit the division, and select the person or persons you want to assign to the division, and click on Save Changes.

Similarly, with the Field Referee Coordinator role, after adding a person in that role, fields must be assigned to the person by editing the field.

There are a number of other League Officer Roles available, with different access to your league's pages. They include League President, League Treasurer, Disciplinary Chair, Field Coordinator, Referee Coordinator Assistant and Referee Assignor. To see what each of these roles can do, go to Roles.

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