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Add Affiliated Organizations

Who: League Administrator

An Affiliated Organization is a group that enters teams into your league. Examples are clubs, associations, schools, or another league. In our system, affiliates are classified as either a "club" or a "league". Clubs only deal with teams, whereas leagues can be responsible for referees and fields in addition to teams.

To add an Affiliated Organization:
1. Go to Affiliated Organizations from the User Home Page.
2. Enter the information and click on .

If your league is a Traveling League, and is going to use the Traveling Scheduler, meaning that fields can be assigned to the affiliate leagues so that home games will be played there, the affiliated organizations MUST be classified as a "league". Once an organization is created, its type (club or league) cannot be changed, You must delete it and re-enter it with the new type.

Each affiliate needs an administrator assigned who has an email address. If the affiliate is a club, the administrator is usually referred to as the Club Rep.

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