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Import Competition

Who: League Administrator, Match Secretary

In our system you can also import a competition from another competition, either a different competition in the same season, or a competition in a different (presumably past) season. A competition can only be imported into a season that has not yet ended or the currently active season of your league.

To start, go to Competitions. Then click on the Import a Competition link at the top of the page. This brings you to the Import Competition page

On this page, you first select the season you want to import the competition FROM. You may also have to select the season to import the competition TO, if you have more than one season possible.

Then select the competition in the FROM season that you want to import. When you do this, the form will be populated with name of the importing competition and the list of divisions that competition contains. You have the option of renaming the competition in the new season.

The start date and end date fields will initially be populated with the start and end dates of the season you are importing to, but you may choose to change these before importing.

Below that is a list of the divisions in the competition you are importing, with check boxes to - Import Division and Import Teams. On the right is the name of the division and its play characteristics. If you check Import Division, a division with the same name and play characteristics will be created in the imported competition.

If a division to be imported has an age group with a defined age, in the Age Group column there will also be an "Add Years " box between the Import Teams checkbox and the division name. Also, at the top of the Age Group column, there is an "Add Years to Teams" box. Changing the value in this upper box will change all of the boxes in the list. Of course, they can be changed individually as well.

The effect of having a non-zero value in any of these boxes is to change the age group characteristic of each team in the division in question when it is imported, assuming your league uses an age group play characteristic that is appropriate for the added years. If it does not, the teams will be imported with the old age group, and a warning message will be displayed. Of course, this add years box has no impact on the age group (or name) of the division, which may no longer be appropriate if the age group of some teams in the division have changed.

If you check Import Teams, the teams in this division will be imported into the new season and, if you also imported the division, they will be placed in the new division. If you did NOT import the division, its teams will still be available in the seasons teams list, but they will not be assigned to any division.

Note the comment concerning existing competitions and divisions with the same names. Our system will not create new competitions or divisions with the same name as existing competitions in the target season or existing divisions in an existing competition with the same name - instead, it will update that competition and those divisions with the data from the imported competition.

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