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Add Competition

Who: League Administrator, Match Secretary

1. Go to Competitions.
2. Make sure the correct Season is selected.
3. Enter the competition name, such as “Fall 2024.”
4. The Start and End Dates correspond to the default season. Make sure these dates are correct. Edit them if necessary. The schedule must fall within these dates. Also, the dates of the competition must fall within the dates for the selected season.
5. Select the Type of competition (League, Round Robin Tournament, Single Elimination, Double Elimination, or Double Elimination with Re-entry).
6. Select a Standings Scheme (NOTE: if you choose "No Standings" then standings will not be visible to anyone. If you want standings visible to officers only, then choose a standings scheme here and set each division to not keep public standings). Results & Standings are always public for elimination format tournaments. The Standings type is ignored for these formats.
7. If this is scheduling or traveling league, you can choose to Assign Fields by Home Team. This option is only relevant for a League competition.
8. Pack Fields option. For more information see Pack Fields. This option is only relevant for a League competition.
9. Select “Active” status.
10. Click on . The new competition is now ready for scheduling.

The type of competition will determine the scheduling options you have. League will give you league play options (different for Rec and Traveling Leagues). Round Robin and Elimination Tournaments give you specific tournament templates.

In the table that lists the league's competitions, there are three buttons:

1. Edit - allows you to edit the competition
2. Schedule - allows you to publish the schedules of selected divisions with a single click.
3. Standings - allows you to view and print the standings for the entire competition in a single document.

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