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The Referee Coordinator is responsible for assigning referees to games, and for maintaining the referee list. Referee Assignment is very straightforward using, and referees are automatically notified of and can view their assignments. allows assigning strength ratings to referees to help the referee coordinator match the difficulty of the games with the strength of the referees.

There are three modes of assigning that a league can choose from:

1. Assigning by the referee coordinator only.
2. Request/Confirm - a referee can request games to officiate, and the referee coordinator confirms the request
3. Self-Assign - a referee can self-assign to officiate a match.

Request/confirm and Self-Assign is only allowed for games within the comfort zone of the referee's strength rating. allows importing referees from a list for leagues that have just signed up. There is also Referee Payment assistance, where the Games Refereed Report can be exported into payment forms/records for individual referees.

Field Referee Coordinators can be assigned specific fields. They can only assign referees to games on those fields.

The Match Secretary specifies for each division how assignments are done (Hosting League, Scheduling League, or No Referees Assigned). See "Referees Assigned By" under "Options" for more information on this option. The Referee Coordinator should let the match secretary know which divisions have no referees assigned. If the "No Referee Assigned" option is selected for a division, then no referee assignments can be made for games in that division.

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