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League Referee Settings

Who: League Administrator, Referee Coordinator

League Administrator: Manage League > Modify League Referee Settings.
Referee Coordinator: League Referee Settings

Here are the settings available:

  1. Send Referee Assignment Email to: Select the league officer(s) who will receive automatic notifications by email when referee assignment actions occur. Such actions include, for instance, when a referee accepts or cancels an assignment, or when either the time or venue of a game with assignments are changed. You can also set this to "nobody", whereby no auto-email will be sent to any Referee Coordinators after these actions.

    If there are any Field Referee Coordinators in your league, they will also appear on the list and can be selected. If one is selected, then all referee assignment email concerning games on their field will ONLY be sent to them.

    There is also a check box to notify coordinators about referee assignment requests. This only has an impact if you are using the Request/Confirm method of assignment - if checked, messages will be sent when an assignment is requested, otherwise they will not be sent. For leagues using Request/Confirm, unchecking this box can greatly reduce email traffic for your Referee Coordinators.

  2. Referee Assignment Method
    A. By League Only - Referee Coordinator must manage assignments.
    B. Self-Assignment - a referee can self-assign to games ("I'll Take It" button).
    C. Request/Confirm - a referee can request assignment to games ("I'd Like It" button), but the request has to be confirmed by Referee Coordinator.

    Self-assignments and requests can only happen for any game where there is still an open slot and as long as the referee’s strength rating (See Referee Strength) is equal to or greater than the difficulty rating of the game. The Referee Coordinator will get an email each time a request or self-assignment is made. Of course, the Referee Coordinator can always override a self-assignment.

  3. Allow change at the season, competition, division and game levels - The above setting determines the default referee assignment method for your league. However, you have the option of using different assignment methods for different games at the same time. If this box is checked, that option is available, and the default method can be overridden at the season, competition, division and individual game level.

  4. Referee Difficulty Offsets - Refers to the relative difficulty of officiating as an asst. ref. 1 as opposed to referee.

  5. Can Report Game Results - Designate which referees can enter game results.

  6. Referee Game Card Type - Select the type of Game Card that your league uses. For more information, see Game/Lineup Cards

  7. League uses Referee Payment System - Indicate if your league uses an external payment system to pay your referees. Checking this will make addition reports available that are specific to the payment system you use. Contact us if the proper payment system format is not yet supported.

  8. Referee Licenses Used for Pay - the referee licenses your league uses that affect referee pay rates. For more information, see Using Referee Licenses to Affect Pay

  9. Referee Pay Requires Game Results Report - If checked, then at least one referee must report a game's results in order for any referee on that game to be paid.

  10. Require Referee Team Ratings - Referees - If checked, referees are required to rate the behavior of the coaches, parents, and players of each team when reporting game results. See Referee Team Ratings for more information.

  11. Require Roster/Passes Checks - If checked, referees will be required to specify if they have checked player rosters and player passes when they report a game's results. See RefereeCheck Rosters for more information.

  12. Referee Assignment Deadlines - Cancellation or Request is blocked the amount of hours before the game starts.

  13. Referee Assignment Request Window - Requests or self-assignments cannot be made until the specified number of days before a game.

  14. Referee Remider Window - If this is non-zero, referees will be sent email/text reminders of all upcoming assignments this many days in advance of the assignment.

  15. Hide Referee Pay Adjust Comments - When referee pay adjustments are entered, comments can be entered to describe the adjustment. Unless this box is checked, those comments will be visible to the referee when (s)he is viewing games they have refereed.

  16. Maximum number of affiliated referees per team by play level - See Referee Team Affiliation for more information.

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