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The Referee List

A Referee must be added to the referee list before he or she can be assigned to a game. Although the referee coordinator is generally responsible for this, the league administrator can also add referees to the list.

To see your list of referees, click on Referees on your home page. If there are a lot of referees in your league, they will be displayed for just one letter - the first letter of their last name. You may select which letter to view at the top of the list. You may also choose to display all of the referees, but this may take a while to display

Included on the list, for each referee, is the date of their last assignment, if known. Rolling the mouse over this date creates a popup box with some details about that assignment.
NOTE: for performance reasons, this popup is not availble if your league has a lot of referees and you are viewing the complete list. However, the date is still available.

When you first use, you will need to add all of your referees to the list. After that you only need to maintain the list by adding new referees or removing people who are no longer referees. If you have an existing list of referees they can be imported into The League Administrator can do this by clicking on Import Data from his or her home page. For information on the specifications for importing data, see the Import Data page..

To add a referee click on "Referee List" from your User Home Page. Scroll down beneath the list and enter the first initial and last name of the referee. See Adding Users for more information on this. Click on "Add This Referee". New referees are automatically sent their user name and password.
Note on the add form there is a separate place to add a dummy referee. For more information on dummy referees, see the Dummy Referee page.

Once a referee has been added to the list, he or she can log in and find games to referee, view current assignments, and self-assign or request assignments, assuming the league allows one of those modes of operation.

After the referee is added, you can enter information specific to the referee. Click on the Edit Info button next to the referee's name in the referee list. You can also add Referee Strength information (League Comfort Level) about the referee (See Referee Strength). If you enter a birth date, a referee cannot self-assign or request games unless the players are at least 2 years younger (e.g., referee must be 14 years old for U-12).


  1. You can use the Referee list to view current and past assignments of specific referees. Just click on "View Assigns".
  2. You can edit referee-specific information.
  3. >
  4. You can specify Referees as Available (box checked) or unavailable (box unchecked). Unavailable referees will not show up for assigning.
  5. You can permanently remove the referee by clicking on "Delete".
  6. You can view any grades/comments entered about a referee by a coach by clicking on "View Grades".

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