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Game Reports

Referees can make the following game reports: results, general, yellow card, and red card. You can view a set of reports made by all officials by going to Game Reports and selecting the date range, team filters, and report types. You can also view individual referee reports in two ways:
1. Go to Referees > View Assigns for a specific referee.
2. Go to Games Refereed.

A View link in the Reports column for any game indicates that a report exists. A game official's name in GREEN indicates that the official has made a results report. A game official's name in RED indicates that the official has not made a results report. If the league requires results reports for referee pay, then that official's pay report will not include that game.

For Yellow Card and Red Card reports, an auto-email is sent to the Referee Coordinator and the League President notifying them of the report.

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