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Setting Up for an External Referee Payment Provider

If your league uses a third party referee payment provider, may be able to provide more direct support, once you have set up the pay rates as described in the previous page. Currently we support the provider called RefPay - if your league uses a different provider, contact us - we may be able to support them as well

To use this feature, go to League Referee Settings, check the box labeled League uses Referee Payment System, and save the changes. Once this has been done, some other features are availble when working with referees.

First, there are now two additional items that can be stored for each referee - payment provider "user name" and "ID" credentials. These can be entered either by the referee, by clicking on Edit Information from his or her home page, or by a league officer by clicking on Edit Referee Information from the Referees list. These items will be used in the custom payment export.

In addition this feature gives the league finer control over the content of referee payment reports. When viewing Games Refereed, league officers are able to see, and mark, individual assignments as having been paid. That information is used to determine which assignments will be included in the payment report.

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