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Setting Up an Internal Referee Payment System

You can setup a payment tracking system with for paying referees. First you need to tell us how much you pay your referees. If your league pay rates depend on the play characteristics of the teams, you should first tell us which play characteristics you use. This is done by the league administrator going to Manage League > Edit League Play Characteristics. Once this is done, or if your rates are not dependent on play characteristics, go to League Referee Settings > Edit Referee Pay Rates. By default the pay rates for the current Season Defaults are displayed. Enter the per-game pay rate for each position and, if used, each level of play. After you have entered the pay rates, Save Changes at the bottom of the form.

Note that you can vastly simplify entering pay rates by \"merging\" one or more type of characteristic when that characteristic does not affect referee payments. For example, if your league uses three age groups, U-8, U-10 and U-12, but pays (%= Term.pluralizeTerms(offStr) %> the same for game in all three groups, you need to enter the same rate separately for all three age groups for every other combination of play characteristics. With this feature, on the \"Edit Referee Pay Rates\" page, you can ask to merge the age groups. Then the form will have a singe age group \"All Ages\", cutting in third the number of entries you have to make.

The Season Defaults are automatically applied across all competitions. You can, however, override the defaults for any competition by, on this page, selecting it in the "Choose Season and Competition" form, and entering the rates for that competition. The rates are applied when your run a Games Refereed report.

Depending on your League Referee Settings, verification by reporting results by a referee crew may be necessary in order for referee pay to be included in the Games Refereed Report. See Referee Verification for more on referee pay.

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