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This section will take you through the essential tasks to set up your league. These tasks are mainly the responsibility of the League Administrator. Once has initiated your league, there are some one-time tasks that need to be done. The list includes the person who typically does them although the League Administrator can do any them:

1. Add league officers (League Administrator)
2. Add affiliated organizations (League Administrator)
3. Set permissions for any parent or affiliated leagues (League Administrator)
4. Add fields to the Field List (Field Coordinator, Match Secretary)
5. Add referees to the Referee List (Referee Coordinator)
6. Edit League Play Characteristics (League Administrator)
7. Enter Referee Pay Rates (Referee Coordinator)
8. Set up Referee Assignment Method (Referee Coordinator) will import referees from a spreadsheet on a one-time basis. Please contact us if you need this done.

For each season, the League Administrator needs to add a season and competitions. Then the schedules can be created and referees assigned.

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