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Play Characteristics

Who: League Administrator provides a set of league play characteristics that are used to specify the type of play for a given division. These characteristics are also used to compute the difficulty of games and the strengths of referees relative to those games (see Referee Strength). The types of characteristics are Gender, Age Group, and Play Level. By default all three are used.

The League Administrator can modify the defaults to use only those that are relevant to the league (e.g, an adult league may not need to specify age group or a coed league may not need to specify gender since by definition all divisions of play are coed) or can choose to not use any of them. The specific characteristics within a type can be specified, as well as the relative difficulty for each characteristic.

To set the type of play characteristics used by the league, go to Manage League > Modify League Settings. and select which types of characteristics you want to use.

To set the specific characteristics go to Manage League > Edit League Play Characteristics from the League Management page. By default all characteristics are used. Check each characteristic you want to use. You can also change the default difficulty rating for each characteristic. Be sure to at the bottom of the page when done.

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