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Manage Your League
Who: League Administrator
You can change the league name, abbreviation, time zone, and web page URL by going to Manage League ==> Modify League Settings from the User Home Page. You can also select the types of Play characteristics to use for divisions and game difficulty.

Link from to League Website
Who: League Administrator
The web page URL provides a link to the league's website from the View League page. The format is: "" and can be entered, again by clicking on the Manage League ==> Modify League Settings link in the list of actioins on the home page.

Send User Info
Who: League Administrator
Go to Manage League from the User Home Page and click on . This will send log in credentials to every user in your league who has never logged in.
NOTE: You can send this information to idividual users by going edit their information. See Send Password

See Options for details on various other options that can be set for your league.

League Information Board
Who: League Administrator
There is a League Information board that appears at the top of the View League page. This is a good place for rain out info, tournaments, etc. You can set up your board by clicking on the Manage League => Modify League Settings links from the links bar at the top of the View League page, or the same links from your home page. You can enter html here, and thus layout your board using columns, colored text, etc. The following is an example of how a board can be laid out:

Phone Number: 510-555-9995
Call after 7:30 am morning of scheduled games to find out if games are cancelled.

Recreational Games begin September 9 and run through Nov 11.
Coaches - you MUST notify the other coach AND the Referee Assigner, Emilio Cortez (810-555-9507), if your team is not going to show for a game (U-7 and U-8 does not have referees, so no need to notify Emilio for these games).

Rules for each age group can be found at the bottom of the division schedule page.
To view all Classic schedules, U-16 and U-19 Class IV schedules, and U-10 and U-11 Comp schedules click on the District IV link above.

The Jamboree is for recreational teams, U-8 through U-14. The President's Cup is for U-14 Comp teams. More details will follow later.

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