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Links to League's pages

Who: Any League Officer

Your league can set up links from its website to key pages to make it easy for people to find schedules, etc. The easiest link to set up is to the "View League" page, which has the League Information board and links to division schedules. You can find the html code for the link if you go to Manage League > Modify League Settings. Here is sample html code to create the link, where your league id=XXX:

   <a href="" target="yslpages">VIEW GAME SCHEDULES </a>

You can also set up links to team pages from your league's website. Just go to Teams, set your filters and click on Team List with Links. This will generate a page with the teams list with links to the team pages. This page can be saved with your browser then incorporated into your website. See Exporting the Team List for more details.

Note that when people go to via these links, they are automatically connected as guests, where they will be able to view publicly available information such as team schedules, standings, etc.

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