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Tournament Scheduling - Introduction provides special features for tournament scheduling. There are three tournament formats supported:

1. Basic Round Robin with optional playoffs
2. Single Elimination
3. Double Elimination

The Basic Round Robin is a popular format. There are a number of configurations of numbers of teams and flights possible. The preliminary games are round robin, and it up to you how many games of the round robin are actually scheduled (e.g., you may want only 3 games in the preliminary round of a 5 team division). The playoff round has a number of options that make it very easy to set up the schedule.

The round robin format can be used for World Cup style tournaments, where the round robin is equivalent to Group Play, and the playoff is equivalent to the Knockout Round. For example, for a tournament with sixteen teams, you set up four flights of four teams, each flight representing a group. Then you check the "Semifinals" and "Championship" checkboxes.

Both of the elimination formats use the common tree format – both to set and display the schedule.

To set up a tournament, first add a competition, selecting the tournament format under Tournament Type. See Add a Competition under Set Up Your League for more info. does not support importing tournament schedules – you need to use our scheduler to take advantage of the special tournament scheduling features.

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