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Round Robin Tournament Scorecards

Results and standings are usually kept on the field once a tournament has started. Many tournaments keep a scorecard that is posted somewhere that is big enough for everyone to see. provides a way to generate a scorecard automatically from a division schedule that can be printed and brought to the field.

From the division schedule page, go to Tournament Scorecard from the Schedule links bar. This page can be printed so that on the field you can enter scores, points, totals and rankings to determine playoff teams. The scorecard usually has 2 sections, one for the preliminary round and one for the playoff round whose teams are determined by the outcomes of the preliminary round. CLICK HERE for an example of a scorecard with a four team round robin with semifinals and championship.

The 6 (and 7) team division is a special case when the teams are in 2 flights typically with a 2 game preliminary round robin and a single game with cross-flight games. The match ups for the cross-flight games are determined by the results of the two preliminary games. The teams for the championship game are those with the top number of points. For examples of this type of scorecard see the following:

Blank Scorecard
Through Preliminary Round
Filled Scorecard


With Mac OS-10 you can easily create a large size pdf file for sending to a printer. First you will need to create a custom size. Go to the Scorecard page, File > Print. In the print dialog box, go to Paper Size > Manage Custom Sizes. Click on the + icon to create a custom size, name it (by typing over untitled), and set the dimensions. A typical size is 16 in. by 22 in. If the scorecard you want to print has more than one page, then you will to create a larger custom size.

Then go to PDF > Save As PDF. Most print shops can work with pdf files. Once printed it can be mounted on foam or card stock.

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