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Assign Home Fields

For a division to be scheduled in the Traveling Schedule format, "Use Traveling League Scheduler" must be set on the Divisions page. The Traveling League Scheduler will use any home field assignments that fit the criteria. The home team league/club in a traveling league is usually responsible for assigning field slots for home games. This is best done before the district Match Secretary creates the schedule using the Assign Fields option. Otherwise, the assignments will have to be done on a game by game basis using either "Edit Game" or "Field To Be Determined on the View Field Usage page.

To assign fields go to Manage Fields > Assign Fields. You can assign fields by day of the week, time slot, and age group suitability. If you assign a field to be available on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, then it is assumed the field is available for all Saturdays of the competition. If there are exceptions, you may specify specific dates when the field is NOT available in the "Blackout Dates" box.

If the field is available only on a few specific dates, you may specify "<none>" in the "Day Available" box and list the specific dates it IS available in the "Extra Dates" box. You may also use this box to specify a few dates that do not fall on the normal "Day Available" - for example if you have arranged to have a field available for games on one or two Sundays during the competition and the competition will be scheduling Sunday games as well as Saturday games. If the times on Sunday differ from the Saturday times, however, you will have to handle this as a separate field assignment.

You can set the age range (low and high age suitability) for which the assignment will be used by the Traveling League Scheduler.

If an assignment shows up with no "Edit" button it indicates that the assignment has already been used, and at least one game was scheduled for play on that field during the assigned times. In this case you can no longer modify the assignment -- you ARE allowed to delete the assignment so future scheduling will not use time from this assignment. However, this does NOT recover time already assigned - if you need to do this you must edit the games which use this field to put them on other fields. You may find them by going the "View Field Usage" link from your home page.

If games are deleted, postponed, or cancelled that were scheduled using a field assignment, the times the games used will be returned to the field assignment. Thus the times will be available if additional games are scheduled for that competition.

If you want to guarantee that a particular field slot is shared by two age groups, you can use the blackout dates feature. For example, if you have an early morning slot like 8:00 am on a field, and you want to make sure that both U-12 and U-16 get some games assigned to that slot, you can first assign the slot to U-12 with odd dates blacked out, and then assign the same slot to U-16 with the even dates blacked out

Note: If no assignments (or too few assignments) have been made by one or more leagues when the schedule is created, some or all of the games will be scheduled without a field or starting time. Then it is up to officials in the appropriate league(s) to go in (via their View Field Usage page) and edit the games manually to assign fields and times. Alternatively, if assignments are made before games are played, the division can be re-scheduled. If no teams have been added or removed from the division, the same games will be scheduled, using the newly entered field assignments.

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