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Team Blackouts

If a league has chosen to allow team blackouts, teams have the option to specify dates and times they are not available for play. In that case, the traveling scheduler will honor those blackout periods. It does this while observing the scheduling options (dates, number of games, etc.) that you have specified.

If the scheduler would normally schedule a game at a date and/or time that conflicts with a team's requested blackout periods, it first attempts to move the game to a different time that does not conflict. If you are scheduling on more than one date per week, it will also try to find a non-conflicting time on a different date for the game.

If the scheduler is unable to schedule a game due to a team's blackout periods, it creates a special "blocked" or "unscheduled" game, and places a comment in the game describing the conflict. If the game is subsequently edited to change the date or time, the comment will be automatically removed.

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