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Competitive teams usually play across multiple leagues that are organized into a district (The term district will be used here, although it may have a different name in your area). Traditionally the district will set up the matches and dates, and the home leagues will assign fields and times to the matches. This is often a laborious operation, with challenging communications issues. is optimized for scheduling traveling leagues, allowing for proper delegation of tasks from the district to the leagues, and providing a centralized place for viewing schedules, eliminating many hours spent making phone calls to make sure everyone is on the same page. After all, the "page" is now the Division Schedule page on, with matches, dates, times, and fields in one place.

If you are a district using, then the most efficient method is to have the home leagues first assign the field slots. Then when you schedule the matches the scheduling engine will automatically assign the field slots to the schedule, saving many hours of labor. The instructions that follow include emails that you can send the local league administrators with the specific instructions and deadline dates (that you fill in) to minimize your overhead.

You can still use the more traditional method of scheduling the matches at the district level first, and then have the home leagues assign the field slots to the games. However, if you do this, the home leagues will have to place each game individually, increasing the amount of work for them. Some home league match secretaries may say they prefer this method, since it gives them more control over the assignments. However, we believe that once they use the recommended method above, they will never want go to back, since they can always edit individual games after the district has created (but not published) the schedule.

NOTE On Terminology: The terms traveling league, scheduling league, and parent league are used interchangeably here. Home leagues are also referred to as local leagues.

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