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Schedule Traveling League - Procedure

It is highly recommended before you start the scheduling process that you do some planning for field usage. For some people using a spreadsheet program such as Excel to map out the field usage is preferred. Then you can make your field assignments following the map. provides a template that you can use for this purpose. To download click on Download Field Usage Template.

Here is the recommended step-by-step procedure to schedule a traveling league:

1. Teams are entered into database (by home league or scheduling league)
2. Scheduling league notifies home leagues to assign field slots
3. Home leagues assigns field slots
4. Scheduling league creates divisions
5. Scheduling league places teams into divisions
6. Scheduling league notifies home leagues to review divisions
7. Scheduling league makes schedules
8. Scheduling league notifies home leagues to review schedules
9. Home leagues review schedules and edits field slot assignments as necessary
10. Scheduling league publishes schedules
11. Scheduling league notifies leagues by email of published schedule

Some leagues prefer to wait until the schedule has been made before assigning field slots. This is done by simply not assigning field slots beforehand. However, the home league will subsequently need to assign field slots by editing each game on the schedule, clearly a slower process.

If the Scheduling League is also responsible for field assignments, then obviously the procedure above is compressed. Nonetheless, the basic scheduling steps are the same.

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