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Create Your Own Traveling Games Division

You can set up your own Traveling Games Division if desired (for example, if you are associated with more than one competitive league and you want to separate the listing of games). The division can be placed within an existing competition or within its own competition. The key is creating divisions with play characteristics set to *NONE*. The reason for this is admittedly obscure, having to do with correct computation of referee pay.

As an example of how to do this, let's say you want to place two traveling games divisions, boys and girls, in a competition. Create a competition, say Norcal Competitive League, then add two divisions, "Boys Games" and "Girls Games", with play characteristics all set to *NONE*. Then add your league's boys and girls teams to these divisions.

Use the Add Game link to add your games, just like you would in the Traveling Games division.

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