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The Traveling Games Division

The Traveling Games Division is a division built into for placing the home games for your league's traveling teams when the scheduling league is not a customer of This can be very useful for the referee coordinator as referees can be assigned to the home games. To make use of the Traveling Games division use the following procedure:

1. Add Home Teams. See Add Teams under Schedule Traveling League. Note that teams must have a Team Type of Traveling Team.

2. Add Teams to Traveling Games Division. Go to View League > Traveling Games from your User Home Page. Click on "Add Teams to Division" in the links bar. See Add Teams to Division under Schedule Traveling League.

3. Add Games. Typically the Match Secretary will receive a list of home games and dates from the district and will need to assign fields and times. The scheduling engine cannot be used for scheduling these games. Each game must be added individually. Click on Add Game either next to a date or at the bottom of the page. Enter the information and click on . If you don't see a team it has not yet been added to the Traveling Games Division. If the team did not show up in the list of teams when adding teams to the division, the team may not have been designated as type Traveling Team.

If the visiting team is not yet in the database, click on "New Team" for the Away Team and enter the team name and contact. It may be useful for future reference to be descriptive, e.g. WCYSL Dynamite, U12B Class I. It is suggested that you add a dummy team for each league that you play against using the league letters, such as WCYSL Visiting. This team can used as a generic name when scheduling games for any team from that league whose team name you do not know.

To view games in the Traveling Games Division, go to View League > Traveling Games.

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