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Assign Times and Fields to TBD Games

The home league usually assigns home field slots before a traveling schedule is created by the scheduling league. However, some leagues prefer to assign field slots after the schedule is made. In this case the scheduled games are listed as TBD.

Even when the assignments are done before the traveling league makes the schedule, sometimes not enough slots are allotted for all the games scheduled.

In either case, the home league needs to assign fields and times for those games with no assignments. The Field Coordinator or the Home League Administrator can do this.

There are two approaches that can be used to assign slots: 1. From the View Field Usage page, and 2. from the Assignment and Usage Chart.

1. From your User Home Page, go to View Field Usage. Click on Field to be Determined at the bottom of the field list. To add a field and time to a game, click on the game number. Enter the kickoff Time, select the Field, and click on .

2. Go to Field Availability and Usage Chart to see how to use this feature.

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