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Introduction to Scheduling provides a sophisticated scheduling engine that can be used for both leagues and tournaments. There are two formats for league scheduling and four formats for tournaments (See more details below).

Once a schedule has been created using the scheduler, it can be saved (to be published later) or saved and published. Games can be edited (using Edit Game, Swap Games, or Move Games) either to change the schedule (date, time, field, or opponent) or to enter game results. Games can also be added to an existing schedule.

The Match Secretary or the League Administrator makes the schedules, which includes adding teams to the league, creating divisions, assigning teams to those divisions, and creating schedules. The Match Secretary can also report results (See Report Game Results).

The Division Secretary can also perform the functions (except adding and editing divisions) of the Match Secretary for specific divisions. To set up a Division Secretary, first the League Administrator needs to add the person in that role (see Add League Officers). Then specific divisions can be assigned to the Division Secretary on the Divisions page, either when adding the division or by editing it.

The Competition Type determines the format of the scheduler. For League Play, there is a Rec scheduler and a Traveling scheduler. The Traveling scheduler allows assignment of fields by the Home Team's league (see Assign Home Fields), and allows specification of multiple days of the week to schedule a round. The following is a quick summary of the formats:

Assign Fields
by Home Team
Rec League NO Field Assignments done on the Create Schedule form
Traveling League YES Field Assignments done by Day of Week and Age Range Suitability
Round Robin Tournament N/A Uses a round robin format with Playoff options
Single Elimination N/A displays schedule as elimination tree
Double Elimination N/A displays schedule as elimination tree

The Competition Type is selected in the Add or Edit Competition form. However, for league scheduling the type can be toggled between Rec and Traveling at the division level. There are situations where it may make sense for a Rec league to use the Traveling Scheduler, even though control of the fields is centralized. The most obvious situation is when the schedule is spread out over multiple days of the week.

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