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Add Teams

From your User Home Page go to Teams. Be sure the correct season is selected. There is a filter for viewing only the teams you are interested in (for example, if you are working on U-10 Boys). The first time you come to this page each session, no filter characteristics are selected, so there is no teams list. Select the characteristics you want, e.g. U-10, Boys, Class IV, and click on . If you have not yet entered any teams, there will be no list.

To add a new team scroll down below the list to the Add a Team form. Select the organization, age group, gender, and class level, then enter the team name and contact. If the team contact is not already entered into the database, a form will be displayed for entering a new user (See Adding Users for more info). The most critical information is the full name, phone number, and email address. Select "House Team" as the Team Type. After entering all information click on .

If a lot of teams that are playing in the current season were in existence in a previoius season, you can also import teams from that season. On the Teams page, click on Import Teams from Past Seasons at the top of the page. In the Filter Teams box, select the season you want to import teams from, and the play characteristics of the teams you want to import. The teams from the selected season that match your filter settings, if any, will be displayed in two tables, one with matching teams that have not yet been imported, and another with matching teams that have already been imported. If you want to either import a team or remove a team that was previously imported, check the box on the left on that team's row and click on at the bottom of the page.

It is also possible to import teams using a tab-delimited data file. You can do so from the Teams page by clicking on Import Teams from File at the top of the page. For information on the specifications for importing data, see the Import Data page.

Although there is no requirement for a team contact to have an email address, it is obviously in the league’s best interest for good communication for all team contacts to have email and internet access.

Note: When you add teams into the league, they are not yet in divisions. The Teams page lists the teams in your league, nothing more. After you create your divisions, you will need to place the teams into the divisions from the Divisions page. You can see the number of teams by age group in each division by viewing the Affiliate/Team Table, accessible from your home page.

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