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General Scheduling Procedure

Before the schedules can be made the League Administrator first adds the new season (and default competition). The procedure for scheduling your league is as follows:

1. Add teams to the system.
2. Add divisions.
3. Put Teams in appropriate division.
4. Make the schedule for each division.
5. Make any needed changes to the schedule.
6. Publish the schedule.

It is advisable to determine your field usage before starting the schedule, so you are sure you have reserved enough field slots for each division. One way to manage this is with a spreadsheet, which you then use as a map as you schedule. We have provided an excel template as an example of how to do this. CLICK HERE to download the template.

It is also possible to import a schedule using a tab-delimited data file. You can do so from the Divisions page by clicking on Import Schedule at the top of the page. You can also do this by clicking on Import Data from the home page. For information on the specifications for importing data, see the Importing Data page.

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